Signing up to the Support Portal


This article provides the steps required for you to sign-up for the Ignite Support Portal


  1. Navigate to the Ignite Support Portal
  2. On the New to Ignite Global Support? Sign up, click on the Sign up link
  3. Once in there, you need to type in your Full Name and Your email, check the I'm not a robot checkbox, and click on the Sign up button

  4. After clicking on the Sign up button, a message letting you know that an email has been sent to your mailbox will come up
  5. You can log in to your mailbox and you'll find an email from which contains a link where you can set up your password, you need to click on it

  6. On that new window, it will ask you to set up a password, and right below the input field, it will give you the requirements the password must meet, type it in and then click on the Set Password button

  7. On the next window, you will be logged in to the Ignite Support Portal



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