Creating and Modifying an Employee Leave of Absence

Last Modified:   10 July 2016



The Human Resource Administrator enters employee requests for leaves of absence. Leaves of absence may be related to any number of scenarios which are organization defined. The Employee Leave of Absence form allows the Human Resource Administrator to enter requested and anticipated leave of absence requests as well as the approved, actual start and end dates of the leave of absence.



This straightforwardly creates or modifies an employee leave of absence.



  1. Navigate to Human Resources > Employees > Time/Attendance > Leave Absences.

  2. The Employee Find Page appears. Search for the employee you wish to effect changes to. Click the Search button afterwards.

  3. Click on the employee name in the search results to view the Leave of Absences List view of the selected employee.

  4. Select an existing record from the list view of the form to modify an existing leave of absence, or click the Add button to create a new leave of absence record. If this is the first record for the employee you selected, the New Leave of Absence page immediately appears after clicking the employee record.
  5. Enter the following information:

    1. Reason for Leave - Select a leave reason from the given drop-down list.
    2. Leave Details - Enter additional information relative to the leave of absence request.
    3. Requested Start Date - Enter the date the employee requested to start their leave of absence; the approved date is stored in the Actual Start Date field.
    4. Anticipated Return Date - Enter the date the employee is scheduled to return following the leave of absence; the actual date the employee returns is stored in the Actual End Date field.
    5. Intermittent Leave - Check the check box if the leave is intermittent leave. Selecting the check box is the equivalent of 'Yes' or selected; the employee leave of absence will be intermittent.
    6. Anticipated schedule for intermittent Leave - Enter the schedule for leaves of absence requested which are not a continuous period of time. Enter the dates, weeks, or month as a comma separated string.
    7. Actual Start Date - The date the leave of absence actually starts; may be different from the Requested Start Date.
    8. Actual End Date - The date the leave of absence actually ends; may be different from the Anticipated Return Date.
    9. Approved - Check the check box to display the employee leave of absence is approved.
  6. Click the Save button to save the record.


Applies to

  • NuView 4.17 or later
  • Role: Human Resource Administrator



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