Contacting Customer Support


Ignite offers two ways of getting great support. 

This article describes the process of utilizing the different channels for contacting customer support.



The first step towards getting great support is to create an account on our support portal by contacting your Account Manager or a currently registered colleague. They will open a ticket with support and request for your credentials.

It is essential that you register so that your organization can be identified to triage any reported issues appropriately.



Once your account has been created, you will be able to request and receive support through any of the following available channels:

  • Web Portal Ticketing Solution

    The web portal ticket submission is our recommended way to get great support.

    Once you have your support account credentials, follow this procedure to access the support web portal.

    1. Navigate to the Ignite Support Portal using your favorite web browser.
    2. Enter your Email and Password and click Sign in.

      Note: Once logged in, you will be able to review Knowledge Base articles associated with your product and submit tickets if you are unable to find the solution for your issue.

    3. Click Submit a request.

    4. Fill in the form.

      Note: Subject, Description, Priority, and Product/Version are required fields.

    5. Click Submit located at the bottom of the form.
    6. You will receive an automated email notification once our Support Team receives the ticket.

  • Phone Support

    We recommend you always raise your ticket through the web portal (as above).  If you need to urgently follow up on a Severity 1 issue, then please raise the ticket first using the portal.  You can also call us using the process below.

    1. Call one of the support phone numbers.
      • Acorn +1 469-708-3972
      • Bespeak +1 512-937-1835
      • EPM Live +1 972-587-7907
      • Everest +1 972-587-7931
      • Firm58 +1 972-528-0049
      • FirstRain +1 972-587-7939
      • Gensym +1 972-587-7979
      • Infer +1 972-588-4085
      • Infobright DB +1 972-588-4036
      • Iris +1 445-213-4175
      • Northplains +1 855-476-8573
      • NuView +1 972-588-4111
      • Olive Software +1 512-957-0667
      • OneSCM +1 832-827-4194
      • Placeable +1 972-588-4130
      • Prologic +1 972-588-4148
      • ScaleArc +1 972-588-4221
      • Synoptos +1 512-229-0128
    2. Your call will be answered by a support agent designated to the product selected.
    3. If your call is not answered and goes to Voicemail, please provide us with all the details of your question or issue, and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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General Recommendations to Receive Great Support

  • After you have a ticket created, check the progress updates in the portal or in your e-mail box.
  • If our agents request information, get back to us as quickly as possible.
  • Replying by email to say thanks after the issue was solved will reopen the ticket, please use the survey instead.
  • For every support experience you have, fill in the survey

    Note: We take corrective action every time you give us actionable feedback



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