Creating a New User Account


You may need to provide access to FirstRain for a new employee in your company.


  1. Log in to FirstRain.
  2. From the left-side menu, click on Your Name and select Administration.


  3. Click Create New User in the upper right corner of the Users tab.


  4. Enter the required information for the new account:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • TimeZone
    • Specify if the user should have Administrator rights.
    • Specify if you want to Send Invitation email with a password reset link to the new user.


  5. Click Create to complete the process.
    Note: If the Email field is highlighted with red after clicking Create, refer to the article Cannot Create User Account In FirstRain.

  6. If the Send Invitation option was selected, a new window will appear - select Personalize option to change First Name and Last Name in the email body; otherwise, select Non-Personalize.
    Then, click Send.



When creating an account for a customer, agents need to select the customer's organization in step 4. All other steps would be the same.




If you have enabled the Send Invitation option in step 4, ask the user to check their email and set up a new password using the link they received.

Otherwise, the user should be able to reset their password manually from the FirstRain login page, and then access the application.
Note: The FirstRain login page URL is the same for all our customers.




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