Creating New Channel in FirstRain


You may need to set up a new channel to review information about specific companies, countries, or markets according to your business needs.


  1. From the FirstRain app, click on the ADD button located in the sidebar and select the desired channel type.


  2. Enter a channel name and choose your default view: the Summary option displays top 3 records for each panel, while the Stream option displays all entries in a list view.


  3. Select the desired companies or markets for which you want to review news and insights according to the selected channel type:
    • Accounts - Allows you to review information about specific companies. 
      1. Enter the names of the companies you want to track. 
        Note: It is recommended to keep the number of companies in a channel below five hundred.


        You can also import a list of companies from a comma-delimited CSV file or XLS file (where companies are added in the first column of the spreadsheet).

      2. Click Add to list - matching companies are displayed under the Companies Tracked section.

    • Single Account Focus - Allows you to track information for a single company and its subsidiaries.
      1. Enter the name of the company you want to track.
      2. Select the required subsidiaries of the added company.

    • Companies to Watch - Allows you to search for companies per region or per industry.
      1. Specify if you want to select companies by region or by industry.
      2. Enter a name of the required company - matching companies are displayed for each region/ industry.
      3. Select the required company.

    • Competitors - Allows you to review competitors of any company.
      A channel with competitors of your company is created by default during the initial account setup.
      1. Select Other companies.
      2. Enter a name of a company and select the required one from the dropdown.
      3. Select the required competitor companies from the displayed list.

    • Product Lines - Allows you to track news for specific product lines, which are related to the industry in which your company is working.
      Expand the required product line and select the subcategories you need.

    • Territory Markets - Allows you to review news for specific regions and countries; additional filters per industry can also be applied.
      1. Expand the required region and select the countries you need.


      2. If needed, select industries for which you want to track news.


    • Vertical Markets - Allows you to track news for any business industries and apply additional filters per region (if needed).
      1. Expand the required market type and select the desired industries.


      2. Optionally, select regions or countries for which you want to track news.

  4. Click Create Channel in the top right corner of the page.



After the channel is created, a page with the news about the selected companies or markets is displayed.



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