Adding Keywords and Filters in Custom Channel


While creating a custom channel, you can apply different filters according to your interests. This article explains how you can create keywords and set filters in your custom channel.



  1. From your custom channel, enter a company or a region name in the add your Interests field, select the matching one and click Add.


  2. Expand and select additional filters from the Apply Filters section.


  3. You can expand any of the filter options. Click on the checkbox to select the filter option items that you would like to avail, for example, North America and Europe under the Regions filter (screenshot below):


  4. You can expand the Advanced section and add keywords that will act as a filter:


  5. In the Keywords text box, you can use boolean filters (OR, AND, NOT) to apply rules to the keywords that you like to use, examples:

    1. OR: Broaden your search with multiple terms. Example: network administrator OR network manager

    2. AND: Include two search terms. Example: network AND administrator

    3. NOT: Use to exclude a specific term. Example: administrator NOT manager

  6. The results in the custom channel will be filtered based on your selection.


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